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It's Hard To Be Seen: Struggling with Fear and Shame Vlog

It’s Hard to Be Seen: Struggling with Fear and Shame

Hi, all. My name is Shay. I’m a licensed clinical social worker and a trauma therapist.
Welcome to my channel. Mindfulish.
Today, I wanted to share with you how hard it is for me to be seen (due to fear and shame).
Earlier this month, I met up with my good friend, Doctor Leila Contractor who’s an integrative psychiatrist.
And we wanted to do some blogging for our websites about what is integrative psychiatry and how that fits together with trauma therapy?

Wow. It was so difficult to be recorded.
Layla was totally in her element and made it a lot easier.
But I really had to go back to Gabor’s (Maté) teachings where he says when we’re triggered, it’s a gift, and it indicates where we still need to do work.
And I was noticing a lot of fear and shame.
Shame about how I look, and fear that I was going to mess it up.
Let’s just say that I received a lot of gifts that day.

So I ended up getting really sick and being in bed for days.
And I was able to really look at this fear and shame.
And use the tools that I know from doing therapy with others to really process through that fear and shame.

So I’ll be starting to post some of my videos, that Laila and I recorded, and I’ll be working on other videos for my website.
In my videos that I recorded earlier, I can see how afraid I am.
How small I’m trying to be and how brave I was to try anyway because of how passionate I am about my work and how much I want to help people.

How I Can Help With Fear and Shame

I wanted to share this with all of you because maybe it’s hard for you to be seen, too.
And you aren’t alone. Maybe you want to figure out how to use those triggers as gifts to explore how fear or shame developed.
And I can help with that.

I can say from my own personal journey, the difference I feel from all the work I’ve done is immense.
I’m not completely there yet. It’s a process, but one I’m so grateful for.
I know healing is possible.
So I’m sending you all warm regards and love for you. Just as you are.
I hope to be able to see you soon.

To contact me use the link at the top of this page or email