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If you’ve ever seen the movie Inside Out, you might be familiar with how internal family systems operates. The idea behind this therapy technique is that the mind naturally separates itself into different parts or sub-personalities. Understanding how these sub-personalities interact with one another, and how they are all governed and led by the Self, can help you achieve internal balance.

During your sessions, your internal family systems therapist in San Diego will help you identify your different sub-personalities and facilitate how they interact with one another.

About This Model

Consultation Required?



It is natural for the mind to divide itself into parts or sub-personalities

Average Treatment Duration:

1-2 years


Elevating the Self to be the effective leader

Applicable Conditions




Negative self-concept

Lack of early childhood attachment

Childhood abuse or neglect

Why Try Internal Family Systems in San Diego?



The ultimate goal of internal family systems (IFS) is to help you achieve balance in your mind.


IFS sessions guide you closer and closer to understanding how your mind works.


Along the IFS journey, your therapist, Shay, will equip you will tools to better regulate your emotions.


Shay starts each session by creating a calm environment where clients can feel safe.

Hands being held across a table showing support of a client who may have PTSD.

What to Expect

The Internal Family Systems Process


Step One

Before starting your sessions, you’ll meet with our internal family systems therapist, Shay, for a short consultation. You’ll meet with Shay one-on-one to get to know you and your unique needs.


Step Two

The internal family systems model accomplishes growth and healing across a series of sessions. Some clients choose to see Shay for a number of months or years.


Step Three

IFS is unique in that your internal system can grow, change, and adapt over time. Over the course of your sessions you may uncover new sub-personalities or the dynamics between your different parts may change as you continue in your journey through life.

Meet Shay

Hi, I’m Shay 👋 I work with the mind, body, and brain, bringing a variety of skills that allow you to work with trauma in the way you need. Whether it is EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry, IPNB, somatic therapy, Neurofeedback, IFS, or other trauma-informed practices, we will work so you can find relief without it feeling scary or too hard.

When therapy is working, you will notice you start to feel more present and begin shifting how you see yourself. With regular practice, you may even feel relief from the burden of the past. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck sleepwalking. Together, let’s move your life forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different parts of your internal family?

Your internal family system is made up of general groups: exiles, managers, and firefighters. There may be specific sub-personalities within each of these groups. The groups help to inform their function.

It’s important to know that there are no bad parts. Every part serves a purpose and IFS can help each part find its best, most meaningful purpose.

Who is the Self in internal family systems?

The Self represents you, the client. You, yourself should be the leader of all the parts in your internal system. Part of working with an internal family systems therapist is working to better equip the Self for this role.

Do the parts represent emotions?

Sometimes. The parts of your internal family system can be thoughts, feelings, sensations, and more.

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