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Interpersonal Neurobiology in San Diego

Connect Your Body and Mind

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The Relationship Between Head and Heart

The neurons in your brain function like an intricate fabric of all your experiences. Neurons fire and new pathways are formed with every life event.

Interpersonal neurobiology is focused on the triangle of human experience. The three sides of the triangle are mind, brain, and relationships. The theory behind this technique describes how the brain and the mind change over time in the context of your personal relationships. Having this understanding can help you make better sense of your feelings.

About This Model

Consultation Required?



Your neurobiology is directly impacted by your life experiences

Average Treatment Duration:

1-2 years


Reconnecting and rebuilding the links between your mind, body, and spirit to better internal balance

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Why Try Interpersonal Neurobiology in San Diego?

Holistic Approach

Interpersonal neurobiology in San Diego focuses on the whole person; your mind, your physical body, and your relationships.

Clinically Tested

Clinical and medical tests show the healing power of interpersonal neurobiology techniques like mediation.


Shay allows you to take your therapy sessions at your own pace, so you never leave your comfort zone.


Shay starts each session by creating a calm environment where clients can feel safe.

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What to Expect

The Interpersonal Neurobiology Process


Step One

Every treatment series with Shay begins with a one-on-one consultation. No commitment—just an opportunity for you and Shay to begin to get to know one another and assess how Shay can help you achieve healing.


Step Two

Interpersonal neurobiology sessions can be very diverse looking. Whether you’re practicing meditation, art therapy, talk therapy, and more, Shay can help you find the technique that fits you best.


Step Three

Interpersonal neurobiology is unique in that it evolves as you enter and exit new stages of life. Whether your therapy is trauma-focused or not, this technique can help you achieve better internal balance across every aspect of your life.

Meet Shay

Hi, I’m Shay 👋 I work with the mind, body, and brain, bringing a variety of skills that allow you to work with trauma in the way you need. Whether it is EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry, somatic therapy, neurofeedback, IFS, or other trauma-informed practices, we will work so you can find relief without it feeling scary or too hard.

When therapy is working, you will notice you start to feel more present and begin shifting how you see yourself. With regular practice, you may even feel relief from the burden of the past. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck sleepwalking. Together, let’s move your life forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes interpersonal neurobiology different from other techniques?

Interpersonal neurobiology integrates a variety of disciplines, from biology to anthropology to spirituality, for a more holistic approach to psychotherapy.

How do I know if interpersonal neurobiology is right for me?

Many different types of clients can benefit from interpersonal neurobiology. The best way to find out if this treatment option is right for you is to see a qualified mental health professional like Shay.

What should I look for in an interpersonal neurobiology therapist?

The two criteria you should look for in an interpersonal neurobiology therapist are 1. the proper qualifications 2. a personal connection that makes you feel safe and understood. The two can be equally as important and impactful on your healing journey.

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Find Your Way Back to Yourself

If you’re battling trauma or anxiety, you deserve compassionate support from someone who truly sees you. Book your 15-minute consultation with Shay today.

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