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Memories happen when specific groups of neurons within the brain are reactivated. These can be happy memories of family, friends, passions, and more. For those who have experienced trauma, these memories can be distressing and evoke bodily sensations as if the event were happening again, right now.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. By gently facilitating eye movement from side to side during your sessions, your EMDR therapist can help you reprocess difficult or traumatic memories to bring healing.

About This Model

Consultation Required?



You can help the brain heal by introducing external stimuli during difficult therapy sessions.

Average Treatment Duration:

1-2 years


Reprocessing difficult or traumatic life events

Applicable Conditions




Why Try EMDR in San Diego?



EMDR therapist, Shay, will help you set an intention for each session for clarity between you and your provider.


Her extensive training and certifications, as well as her personal experiences, make Shay exceptionally understanding.


Safety is Shay’s number one priority in each EMDR session. Therapy is a safe space where you should feel comfortable.


Shay starts each session by creating a calm environment where clients can feel safe.

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What to Expect

The EMDR Process


Step One

By starting your therapy sessions with a short consultation, Shay can determine if EMDR in San Diego is right for you and you can get to know Shay. It’s important that your EMDR therapist is a good fit, and that they can give you tailored recommendations for your unique needs.


Step Two

During each session, Shay will set an intention for your time together, as well as help you establish boundaries for your safety and comfort.


Step Three

EMDR sessions have been scientifically proven to help people experience the benefits of intensive psychotherapy in a shorter timeframe. Using repeated external stimuli like eye movement, Shay can help you uncover the mental wound standing in your path to healin

Meet Shay

Hi, I’m Shay 👋 I work with the mind, body, and brain, bringing a variety of skills that allow you to work with trauma in the way you need. Whether it is EMDR, Compassionate Inquiry, somatic therapy, neurofeedback, IFS, or other trauma-informed practices, we will work so you can find relief without it feeling scary or too hard.

When therapy is working, you will notice you start to feel more present and begin shifting how you see yourself. With regular practice, you may even feel relief from the burden of the past. You don’t have to feel like you’re stuck sleepwalking. Together, let’s move your life forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EMDR work?

EMDR works by introducing external stimuli, like eye movement, tapping, and more to your talk therapy sessions. As you focus on the stimuli, you can reframe your thoughts and emotions about a traumatic memory that is causing you distress.

How many EMDR sessions will I need?

While the number of sessions may vary by client, EMDR is an eight-phase treatment approach.

What should I look for in an EMDR therapist in San Diego?

When you’re looking for an EMDR therapist in San Diego, the first thing you should look for is the proper qualifications. Shay is highly experienced in EMDR therapy, as well as a number of other trauma-focused modalities.

Connection with your EMDR therapist can be equally as important. By leading with compassion, Shay strives to cultivate safety, clarity, and understanding with each of her clients.

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Find Your Way Back to Yourself

If you’re battling trauma or anxiety, you deserve compassionate support from someone who truly sees you. Ready to start your healing journey?  Book a session today!

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